Nothing like spending the night sitting up with a sick kid... especially when said kid is bigger than you are! You know they're miserable when they call you Mommy again.

My 16 year old either has flu or food poisoning (please, please, not flu... I can't do the shot.) The poor kid threw up stuff he hasn't seen since kindergarten. I actually got scared, because he was heaving so hard he couldn't breathe, and he's got broken blood vessels all over his face :( No school for this one today.

He finally fell asleep on the loveseat, after begging me to please stay with him downstairs, so I am sitting in the recliner, watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding episodes. The rest of the circus will be up in an hour, and Husband has to work at 9... somehow, somewhere, there will be sleep for me (the gods willing). I'm also supposed to be at my mom's to haul crap out of her basement for her at 11, but I don't think she's going to want me there if I may be carrying the plague. Hopefully.