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Can someone stop the Kardashians from getting any more animals? Since the show began, they've had a whole series of dogs that keep suddenly disappearing.

First, yes I watch the show, hate me later. Second, I remember the mom got Kendall/Kylie two little dogs in one of the earlier seasons and Bruce was mad. And Khloe had a big dog at one point. And then Kim had the cat who died, suddenly. Kourtney has some weird cat, suddenly?

Now I'm catching up (no pun) and now Kendall/Kylie (I can't remember who is who) has a Great Dane that she's not taking care of at all and was locked in a laundry room all night?


At some point, can't someone step in and say - you clearly do not take care of any of these animals. They are not disposable toys. No more for you?

Then again, Michael Vick has a dog now. I don't know what's worse.

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