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The Kay Kay women

I've just been looking through a conversation I've been having with my mum about wedding dresses, and realised that at no point do we talking about trends, or fashions, or use words like "belgian lace" or "princess mermaid on a trumpet" (or whatever the terminology is). In fact, we barely use adjectives.

No. Our discussion has been more like:

"What kind of dress do you want"

"It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that I don't need help going to the loo. So I need a dress that I can go and use the loo ALONE. This is the most important thing".


"Okay, make sure you tell the shop people that".

"HAVE YOU CONSIDERED A BALLERINA LENGTH DRESS? That way you won't get dog poo on the dress when you are walking from the church"


"I didn't think about dog poo. Won't I have a minion to hold my dress for me? Hey if I have a train am I going to trip over it?"

"Definitely at least once"

I am so grateful she hasn't morphed into some strange Mother of the Bride - zilla.

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