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The Kennedy Series Is Over I Am Sad

Six weeks this aired on CNN and it was fantastic.

It made me so sad. Ok I did grow up in a family who LOVED this family. We still do. When John Jr is mentioned always think “what if he ran for Senate in 2000 in NY”.


When I think of this family I think “service”, “hope” and “aspiration”. A family whose prime role is service. Involved in politics to help others. Helping form Special Olympics. The Peace Corps. Ted’s goal of Universal Coverage. JFK aspiring us to go to the moon in a decade.

Today we learn Barbara Bush is in failing health. I know once the family in the previous generations tried to be of service to US. Now its “tax breaks” for wealthy.


The Trump family unlike Jack’s dad telling his children to be of service to nation Don’s dad its how to game the system to get rich.

The Kennedy family is deeply flawed but they always at least to me as a family who wants to do the right thing. I cannot say that about the Bush family or Trump. I am not including the Clinton family because they seem one generation and done. Obama family way too early. Trump family solely because of their funancial impact has been multigenerational thus you can define what kind of family they are.

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