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First off, thanks GT! i can post - wheeee.

TW: children

I said this on my somewhat confused plea for posting privileges, and I know I've said it a few times in comments, but I often have a hard time talking about my strange little one IRL, and I'd be willing to be that I'm not the only one around here. So I plan to do monthly posts so we can all revel in the neat stuff our kids do and say - things like Art, Poetry, Weird Conversations, Bizarre Fixations etc.


I thought I'd start off with the Art one, since I have a new thing from SmallBeaver (6) from yesterday to get us going. May I present Septimus The Rat, from Colin Meloy's Wildwood series.

ETA - can y'all add the ages of the artists?

Our kids are cool, so let's see the evidence!

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