TW: children

Life with kids gets pretty weird, so here's a spot to put your conversations with them. I'll do it every week if you like it. The conversations can be funny, strange, embarrassing, poignant, whatever. They don't have to be your own kids - they could be ones you know well, or ones you only met (or overheard) one time on the bus.

I'll start us off with this gem from earlier in the week.

SmallBeaver (Age 6): Mum. These small pieces of ice that are dripping down the car window are neat. They slide into the melted channels made by the ones before them. Do you want to know what they remind me of?

Me: Sure!

SmallBeaver: Many tiny colons. Like with tiny little bowel movements moving through them like all the ones that came before.


As with the Art Thread, if you could note the age (or approximate) of the kid.

And go!