Inspired by dontchewonpeople and The Case of the Sweary 2 y/o...

Gimme your stories about your sweary kids!

I don't have a great one to start us off since SmallBeaver hasn't dropped any bombs yet, but I've got a tangentially-related one from not too long ago.

Me: [Talking to a client on the phone, SmallBeaver is standing nearby.] Yes, definitely...
Client: They fucking do not understand fucking anything over there. FUCK!
Me: Oh, yes, I see what you're saying. Well, I'll fix that up for them, then - no worries at all. Later, man! [I put down the phone]
SmallBeaver: Uh, did he just say something he shouldn't have said?
Me: Oh! Ha. Do you mean the swear-y words? I didn't know you were familiar with those particular ones.
SmallBeaver: [Witheringly] I have taken public transit. Can you call him back?
Me: Why?
SmallBeaver: You need to tell him he owes $6 to Dad's Swear Jar.


So write 'em up, friends: First times, sad time, angry times, funny times... And... go!