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The Killing - maybe spoilers if you don't know anything about it

First impressions, really. Don't spoil for me - I've only watched through Season 1 and a couple episodes of Season 2.

I can't believe how I didn't love this show the first time I tried to watch it. I tried to watch it in *real time* when it first came out and I think it just depressed me. I realize that's part of the point - there is nothing uplifting about this. You kind of hope they catch the bad guy but the damage is done.

Turns out, mainlining The Killing on Netflix while I work feels perfectly fine. The absolute weight of a horrific tragedy, as it spans across many people, is so well portrayed. As the viewer, you FEEL it. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to burst into tears - particularly whenever Rosie's little brothers are around.


Holder and Linden are so complex and flawed - but not in your normal quirky cop way, of course. They are flawed in boring ways; yet somehow it's so interesting. Is it because we never see character written like this? They are full, themselves, of tragedy. Linden grasps onto the tragedies of others to give life meaning; Holder, I have yet to really figure out - but clearly he fucked up his life and now it's too late for his family. The whole time, I just want to root for them to turn around and fix their own lives.

One of my favorite things is that Linden is a badass female character without being some sort of caricature of one; she is tough and smart and dedicated - and you can see exactly what being that does to the life of a single mother. I particularly love that they don't sexy her up, at all. Her clothes are strictly utilitarian, she wears no makeup, hair always up. Sometimes her eyes are red and rubbed raw. This is what an overly dedicated detective would look like.

I also like that Linden and Holder's relationship borders on friendship, but never quite gets there (so far) - you are reminded they are merely coworkers, who don't necessarily want to work together; but they don't have outward, stupid arguments. There is no "od couple" dynamic. Also, they don't tell each other everything and don't have some sort of fierce connection that we are used to seeing in police partners (something we also saw in True Detective).

There is no glamour in this tragedy. Strictly horrific tragedy.

I love it! Anyone else want to talk about it?

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