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The Kinja Leaderboard

This is kind of nifty. Apparently there's now a Kinja leaderboard showing the users with the highest number of unique pageviews over the last 30 days—and one of our own is on it!


As far as I can tell, Carissa is the highest-ranked non-staff user right now. (At the very least, she's the highest-ranked user without a last name.) Presumably thanks to the Surya Bonaly piece that's still hanging out at the top of the sidebar, she's had more pageviews in the last month than Jessica, Madeleine, Tracy, Hillary, or Isha, as well as the entire Playboy blog (among others). Yay, Carissa!

Also worth noting: Burt is currently #9, making her the highest-ranked Jez staff writer. Go Burt!

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