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The largest migration of women in the history of the world

The WWII War Brides are disappearing and along with them - their stories. My mother turns 90 within the next 6 months; she married my father in Chatou France. Shehad a 1 year old child (my brother) and was pregnant with me when my father and uncle died in a plane crash. These women left friends and family to take up life in an alien land. Next year is the 70th anniversary of the Queen Mary's initial trip bringing over war brides. The stories are incredible; the people are wonderful.

Almost no one evens knows about this part of US history and it is slowly disappearing


On a related note, the War Brides are meeting here in St. Paul at the Crown Plaza on the Mississippi River and mom, my sister and I are wondering if there are any nearby good restaurants - any local GTers with ideas?

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