This is fucking amazing and the best thing I've seen or heard in ever. Genius. Listen.


I'm hardcore and I know the score

And I am disgusted by the poor

And my chums matter more

Because we are the law

And I've made sure

We're ready for class war

Taking money from the man who works long hours

Giving power to the tycoons in the glass towers

That is why I can look you in the eye

And say This is the party of the motherfuckers

We don't care about them other suckers

Because this is the party of the motherfuckers

And no, I don't think that's a dirty word

So let the beat drop

I come here with flows right from the top

Everybody knows if you work in a shop

We won't help you, and do you know what?

People rising from the bottom to the top

Has got to stop

We have the bravery

To bring back slavery.

Working in a supermarket

Is just the start of it

My friends

There is no job at the end of it

You will be working for your benefits


Let me get this off my chest

Saying yes

We are selling the NHS

And we'll give you less

And that is just for starters

Even after privatising sticking plasters

It is a social disaster

That makes our hearts beat faster

Now, I am you master

The last thing this country needs is

Us, the Conservatives

Worse than the alternative

We don't care

if you're driven to despair

Don't you dare say

It's not fair

I'm not saying it's not funny

It is for me, I've got loads of money

This is the party of the motherfuckers

The country is run for me and my muckers

This is the party of the the motherfuckers

We just don't care about them other suckers