Had some good ideas in this 10 comic alternate history story but premises were flawed.








It was about today and since 1840s. In flashbacks a family called the West kept accidently triggering events like influencing Poe, WW1 and WW2. Why? No clue. Never once explained. Of course with WW1 if the West had kept his mouth shut Archduke Ferdinand may have lived.

Also for some reason West influenced the fission bomb from exploding. Why? Who knows. Maybe the West family is related to the jinx character in Lil Abner.

So fast forward to today. WW2 is still going on. At least the War With Japan.

Now good idea but its seriously flawed in delivery. The premise is society is stagnant. Cars, life etc would not be different then 1945. Society really has not changed. Ok. Time out. Seriously. In times of war changes would be very fast especially in technology. The war is not on our shores thus the idea “war is over there” would set in. In Vietnam War look how much society changed.


Going back to the West family. The WW2 patriarach announced “no more Wests”. Yet there was a small child. The last West.

Now serious premise problem. His mother for reasons never explained had a tunnel under her house built and a subway train taking one a few miles away underground. She built a fission bomb. Why? How did she have the expertise?


The hero was Whittenheimer the grandson of one of the builders of the original.fission bomb that never went off. A West was there. West’s first day. Our hero. Of course grandson was a professor and nuclear expert deternined to prove granddaddy right. Of course he meets the last West and he blows up the bomb made by West’s mother. Proving his granddaddy right thus war ends Whittenheimer is a hero. West family forgotten.

The comic series is online. Have fun http://www.readcomics.net/the-last-west/…