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Welcome To The Bitchery

For anyone who went to Catholic schools Nuns are the FBI of grammar cops. Complain about an internet grammar cop well they are the Barney Fifes of grammar cops compared to Nuns. I do not care if you are taking a math class taught by a Nun if they find the tiniest grammar mistake they will see it, mark it and explain to the class how its a mistake. You will get away with nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. Nuns MISS nothing especially grammar and spelling.

Yet I realize how much I forgot not so much the rules but the terminology. This morning I saw a comment how the word “she” in “she is” is a pronoun. My first thought was noun then I thought “I should know this” so I googled “pronoun”. Yeah its a pronoun. Pronouns are she, he, it, they, you. I think you is a pronoun. Will google it later.

I got the sense all the Nuns who taught me (or tried to) are looking down like this.


Note: Nuns are great teachers overall.

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