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The latest from Mr. I 's idiot VP

So Mr. I's idiot boss has been berating him for not training on the newest version of the software he works with. Nevermind that Mr I is about the only person left who can support existing clients on older versions of the software.

So Mr. I has been trying to make time to train. Well this afternoon, he just got chewed out for taking too much time for training. He got told he has 5 training days in a year, and the rest has to be on his own time.


In order to get to the first level of certification on this software, it's supposed to take 22 days!

To get to the top level of certification, it is supposed to take 1600 hours!

If training is supposed to be a priority, then he is going to need more fricking training time.

ETA: Mr I told me that there are 4 levels of certification in this software. Apparently there is no one in North America who has gotten a higher level of certification than 2. And certifications expire every year, so to just keep your certification, you have to take an exam every year.

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