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Welcome To The Bitchery

So today, Rob Ford's Ford Escalade was impounded and the driver was arrested and charged with DUI in the vicinity of a drug treatment centre where it has been speculated that Rob Ford is enrolled in. What makes this weird is that the driver was NOT Rob Ford. Or at Ford at all.

The driver was 36 year old Lee Anne McRobb, and sources at the drug treatment centre told the CBC that she had been discharged from the Centre in the last 5 or 6 days. The CEO of the facility also told the CBC that Rob Ford's Escalade has not been at the facility, and that Rob Ford has not left the grounds all week, except to attend an AA meeting. McRobb has said that she was in rehab with Ford.

The Fords do have a cottage in the vicinity, and I am left wondering if she somehow got his car from there.

Seems pretty certain now that Rob Ford is at the Greenestone Residential Treatment facility, near Bala, ON, since Rob himself was seen taking his dry cleaning to a place in nearby Bracebridge, ON last week.

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