Ever since the cancellation of Law and Order there has been a Detective Briscoe shaped hole in my heart.

It might come from years of watching the show (what like 10?) but I find that it was the only fictional crime/law drama that I liked. It was formulaic but comforting. I could always count on seeing something from the headlines too so I got my double dose. (I also religiously watch true crime shows too, thanks Investigation Discovery!)

Does anyone else have this issue?

NCIS? Doesn't do it for me. CSI? Super nope. And all of the other ones i've tried to watch are also just as bad because I realized I don't really actually care about the characters. Law and Order had in most cases very little about the detectives or ADAs social lives peppered into the show but the main attraction was always how the case was effecting them. I find in these other shows the detectives are the main characters and the case is somehow secondary.

I just wrote WAY too many words about this.