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The litter box is gross.

I have three cats and have for a long time. When my sweet eldest cat died in January it wasn't long before I was convinced to adopt a new cat from the SPCA. I currently have a pair who have been together for over ten years, and the New Cat. New Cat and the old pair don't always play nice, so I have had to modify my litter situation. I used to have three boxes in my crawl space (easily accessible, in one area you can stand/squat to scoop). I know you're supposed to have one per cat + one, but the extra box never seemed to get used so I just got rid of it over the years.

With the addition of New Cat I have moved one covered box to an upstairs bathroom so that the old cats can use it, as they sometimes won't go onto the main level or down to the litter if she's around.

I have always used the clumping cat litters. I have tried a few of the others but they always seem to either cost too much or not work very well. Now that one litter is closer to me, I notice it smells like pee even when it's freshly scooped every day. I am using Costco litter right now, and baking powder in the litter to freshen it.


So GT, I want to know if you have any litter tricks? Is there an inexpensive brand that seems better than others? Do you have an ingenious place to tuck the litter box? Does it smell like pee in here?! WHERE DOES YOUR CAT POOP???

Pictured: lounging with butthole to pillow, NBD

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