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Welcome To The Bitchery

So this probably sounds very silly/corny, but as a class, we have "secret buddies" that we give small gifts to every month. Yes, we're in dental school and are all adults, but things like this really do get us through! This was organized by one of our classmates, so it's more of a testament to how awesome and generous my class is as a whole. We're constantly helping each other out, which is really nice. Anyway, we switch up buddies every semester. Both of my buddies have posted pictures of what I got them on Facebook, so getting to see them all excited over the goodies that I got them makes me happy :)

I haven't really gotten my buddies anything special. Most people just exchange food/drinks. Last semester, I once got my buddy a 6-pack of beer and he was so excited about it(according to his Facebook post), LOL. Yesterday, I panicked because I realized that it was the end of the month and I needed to get my current buddy something, so I stopped by a drugstore before class and got him a bunch of different cookies and wrote him a note wishing him luck on our first cadaver lab (which was yesterday). I thought it was such a lame gift, but his roommate, who delivered my gift to him, messaged me today and said he LOVED it. Then a few minutes later, I saw that he posted a picture of what I got for him on Facebook. Last month, I got him some wine that was delivered to him before an exam, and he proceeded to show it off to people, haha.


Again, this might sound a bit silly, but so cute! It's nice to know that you made someone's day a little better :)

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