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The long term baby control


It's been approximately 1.34 millions years since I last posted here. I lurk but have mostly just kept to myself for ages.


HOWEVER, I figured if anybody would have useful input on this, you guys would be ground zero.

Which of you lovelies have experience with Mirena or Nexplanon? Both have their pros and cons but I have to decide which one I want before next month. My doctors want me to consider a longer form of birth control because of all of my meds and I agree, as I've started forgetting to take my pill, even though I never have in the 15 years I've been on it.

And I can't use the patch (allergic to the adhesive) and I can't use Nuvaring anymore (am allergic to what they changed the coating to a few years ago). So I've narrowed it down to Mirena or Nexplanon because I do want something with hormones in it to hopefully help ease my PCOS the same way ye olde pill has. I'm just coming up with scratch for which way I want to go.

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