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The LSAT is smarter than I am. Honestly.

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So I want to go to law school. It was the original plan right after college but I decided that applying before working a few years might be a bit premature, so I went into the work force and (stupidly) gave up a chance to just cram from the LSAT for a few months after graduation and get that shit done. Now, I work full time (and have been for two years) and am SERIOUSLY DYING trying to study. I'm taking the LSAT in September (or December, based on how poorly this is going) and I have now reached a point where I just don't understand how people do well on this test without having thousands of dollars to spend on a tutor. I'm a smart person, I went to a great school and ACED some standardized tests to get there, had a great GPA . . . . and now I'm failing the LSAT. I'm starting to think that I just hallucinated going to college. Legal jezzies, how in THE HELL did you do it? Anyone out there studying too? Solidarity, pie, puppy .gifs, advice, and anecdotes are all welcome.


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