What happens when you approach the threshold when you have to do laundry or you will run out of clean underwear? I call it, the laundry/underwear dilemma or LUD.

Do you:

  1. Go do my laundry like a motherfucking adult.
  2. Buy more underwear and while I am at it, maybe some string cheese and Cool Ranch Doritos. Thank you Target for fulfilling all my needs. (or Walmart, for possessing my soul)
  3. Wear my bathing suit. Delay the inevitable. I can get away with it and if I go swimming, even in my bathtub, it's just like washing them.
  4. Turn my underwear inside out. It's like new underwear!
  5. Wear dirty underwear. YOU CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN!
  6. Underwear? I don't wear underwear. My private parts can't be tamed!
  7. Other

(image Huffpo)