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You guys… I have an announcement that might not seem earth-shattering, but totally is for me. I wore a new bra today (I haven't bought a new bra in ages), and for the first time in forever my back/shoulders/neck aren't sore at the end of the day. It was magical! I feel so free! I was like this:

The thing is, I am really cheap so when I am buying bras I pay more attention to price and less to fit. With this magical new bra, I spent WAY more than I normally would, but my shoulders have been hurting so much that I was feeling desperate.


After today, I'm going to have to change my ways. This I vow: from now on, I will no longer be cheap about my bras.

Do any of y'all have suggestions for good brands that carry extended sizes?

P.S. In case anyone is interested, the brand of the magical bra is Marie Jo. This is what it looks like:

I think I am in love.

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