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Look, I love makeup. I'm a huge makeup junkie — I make my own blends, for God's sake — but I am so, so, so sick of talking about it on the mainpage. It's always the same combination of comments:

1) I've never worn makeup.

2) I started wearing makeup recently and I have no idea what to do.

3) I love makeup but I could live without it.

4) Makeup shouldn't be necessary, but it is.

5) How do you do a smoky eye?!?

We've been through it. And on top of that, we're giving hits to The Daily Mail again?


My problem isn't even that we're talking about makeup, it's that we're always talking about the un-feminist HORROR of makeup and makeup-obsessed women. I'm obsessed with makeup and yet my boyfriend knew what I looked like without it from Day One. I don't know who these neurotic Stepford Wives are, but they don't represent most of the women I've ever met who like makeup.

If we're going to have ANOTHER makeup article, can't it at least be positive? Can't we do something different with it?

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