It looks fun ... I guess ... girls in go-go boots and beehive hairstyles, lots of car chases ... the leads, Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer are very pretty, but ... bland. Hammer ain't no David MacCallum.

So we have two bland leads, one dark, and one fair, so we can tell them apart, oh, and one has a Russian accent. One dresses in suits and the other in sportier attire. So we can't possibly mix them up.

Bland dark guy; "I work alone".

Bland blonde guy: "I work alone too".

Bland dark guy; "I'll let you tag along".

(really? this is the best they could do for witty banter?)

And then; wait! go back! who was that?! Warm, silky voice, quirked eyebrows and furrowed brow in mock concern, smart-ass smirk; "For a special agent, you're not having a very special day, are you?" HUGH GRANT! FORGET BLAND GUYS ONE AND TWO!! Hugh Grant pwned the trailer in about four seconds. Hugh Grant being Hugh Grant, and his patented Hugh Grant smart-assery.


THAT is star-power.