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The Manic Pixie Dream Boy is Just as Bad

So I just started getting into Parks and Rec, and I really really really like Ben and Leslie, but... does Ben strike anyone else as a Manic Pixie Dream Boy?


He loves Leslie completely, he's there for her, he's supportive, he puts his work/career on hold to stay in the town for her, he accepts the break-up as necessary, he cries in a Batman suit and waxes poetic about calzones and Game of Thrones.

I love their chemistry, but Ben's saccharine perfection is starting to take me out of the show. I feel like this storyline wherein any romantic pairing has to have one person who so perfectly completes the other and puts their own life aside to support and treasure the other just seems kind of toxic. And like the sort of relationship that, in real life, might lead to resentment.

Thoughts? Feelings? Hunger?

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