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The man's trying to keep me down.

Ok, a man is trying to keep me down.

So you might remember, a little bit ago, I got an awesome job I've been wanting for years?

Well, today I ran into one of the candidates who was passed over. Background on this: He's a bit socially awkward and I'm mostly not. I've been really warm and helpful to him and honestly, pretty much everyone I work with, with a very few exceptions (THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID!).


He has more education than I do but less experience in the field and at the place we work. I've been there just about 6 years, he's been there just about 2. Since he's awkward, I'm one of the only people he talks to, while I know (and have good relationships) with pretty much everyone in our department. He honestly... might not be the best fit?

So, today, this guy who didn't get the job was giving me all the reasons why he didn't get it, which, whatever, I get it. I was passed over for the same job before, I know he needs to process and I'm in the privileged position so I can listen/empathize.

I've even tried to hook him up with other departments, places where I worked second jobs, etc. Today, I was even keeping him abreast of change in management that might affect an application he has in at my second job. I really don't need to do that shit, right?

Anyway, after going over all the reasons he didn't get the job, he says that our boss told him that everyone's mad that I got hired.


Record scratch. What?

1) No she didn't. Our boss is NOT a gossip at all and she would never say something like this.


2) I get that others might be mad they didn't get the position. But that's not the same thing as being mad that I got hired.

3) Many coworkers literally did little happy dances when they heard I got the job.


4) This dude doesn't even talk to people! He's been there two years and every time I mention him to someone else, I just get a "Who?" in response. He has no idea about my relationships with everyone else in my department.

Look, guy, I get that you're bummed and mad. I've been there. It sucks to be qualified for a job and be passed over. But maybe you aren't the best fit. Or, maybe, just maybe, someone else might have a better track record, better abilities (despite not having the same education) and fit the department's requirements better.


I'm trying not to get angry because he's so awkward, I don't even know if he understands how that even sounded. But that's really insulting! ARGH.

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