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So I've been working at McDonalds for the last few months (I'm in University). I work overnights so everyone I work with are adults. I am getting very frustrated because I'm a very friendly person and love to say hi to everyone and be nice, but a lot of the men I work with have proven to be huge creeps and just generally make me feel really uncomfortable, and I can't help feeling like this is a response to my friendliness. I absolutely hate feeling like I should've acted differently and been less friendly to the people I work with just to avoid people making me feel uncomfortable. There are people who I was previously excited to work with because I thought they were nice only to have them weirdly hit on me and make me feel afraid in my work environment. I am working on standing up for myself but it is difficult when someone making you feel uncomfortable is your manager or has worked there a very long time. I didn't really have much point to this other than just being very frustrated about this whole situation and needing to share it, but any suggestions about polite/non-antagonistic things to say to people to get them to leave me alone (or just not hit on me) would also be appreciated.


ETA: thanks so much everyone for your responses! They are so kind and lovely and really helpful. While I do need this job at the moment as my means of supporting myself, I am very lucky to have a job lined up for next year. I am working less often in the coming 2 months due to the holidays and I am going to make the best of it. I have already stopped being as friendly to my male coworkers and feel like it is making a difference, if only that I don't engage them in the first place then I won't be around for them to start being creepy.

But even though it might be coming to an end soon, I am going to take some of yours' advice to start documenting harrassment, in case it does become relevant in the future and it is always good to be prepared. Thanks again everyone, and for reminding me why groupthink is the best!

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