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Welcome To The Bitchery

The men of SATC ranked.

You dig? Or, agree?


I am a woman who will actually admit that I liked the show a lot, despite some problems. My first thoughts are...

  1. Dr. Robert Leeds so high on the list? Fuck no, that guy was bitter and nasty. All Miranda did was get back with her baby's father, she didn't even cheat!
  2. How is Jack Berger so high on the list? Dude was a total ass.
  3. Sean could have been higher, he was just bisexual, he didn't have a third fucking arm or anything.
  4. Ray King. Fine, ADD, but THAT APARTMENT OMG AND HE PLAYED JAZZ. Should have been higher. He just had an illness, he wasn't a dick.
  5. Jeremey (Duchovony) ranks below MR PUSSY? Dude, no.
  6. Number 24 (Jake) is Bradley Cooper. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS BRADLEY COOPER.

Basically this whole list feels wrong, but 107 men is way too many for me to sort through, these comments were involved enough.


Side note, I have never, not once, looked for a SATC gif. I imagine there is a treasure trove!!

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