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The military wins. But it definitely feels like everyone loses.

Gillibrand loses bid to strip military sex assault cases from chain of command

So this story seems to have gone unnoticed, so I wanted to share it. But its been recently decided that all sexual assault cases would be solved "In-House".


Well what does that even mean? Well the statistic on rapes in the military are quite sad (a google search can back me up on that one. LMGTFY). The biggest issue was that the military was FAILING to really do anything about it, and it seemed as though those who were sexually assaulted went unheard.

There was a recent moment to take the military out of the process, and leaving it up to a 3rd party to prosecute the case. The idea was to leave it in the hands of an "objective" party to take on the burden. The military has been known to go about it with a 'protect our own' ideology.

The military, however, argues "It is the chain of command that can and must be held accountable if it fails to change an unacceptable military culture. It his harder to hold someone accountable for their failure to act if you reduce their power to act." Basically, a "oh, don't worry, we'll take care of it " attitude.

The compromise was that, if it wasnt taken care of, the next person in line would perform an "independent review" on the case. Thus, making sure it stays in-house, but still this does not guarantee justice. (to be fair, a 3rd party prosecutor didn't guarantee justice either.)


Either way, this seems like a step sideways vs a step forward.

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