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Can we talk about it? This Slate article helped galvanize some of my feelings.

It had that rom-com thing that TMP likes to do, which was nice - if contrived and weirdly compressed into a half-hour. But ugh, it was terrible with the pregnancy. Like, somehow more terrible than the pregnancy plot has been since it started at the end of the Adam Pally send-off.


I used to accept that the OB/GYN office was just a setting and that there wasn't a lot of medical stuff going on. But as the pregnancy has progressed, the show has exposed Mindy and Danny (mostly Mindy) as the least knowledgeable OBs/doctors ever. Mindy asks her (new, unnecessarily accented) Laura Dern-OB whether she can fly to Austin, ride a mechanical bull, and dance as if she has no way of knowing the answers. It seems like a surprise to Mindy that she is "high-risk" as a 34-year-old woman with high blood pressure, etc. Last night, while watching, I said out loud "this is literally her specialty."

/endrant (because I'm tired and have a cold and being rambly)

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