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The (Mis)Adventures of Dating, Pt. ...fuck it

So I posted an ad on CL for a FWB since I know I’ll be moving in a year and probably shouldn’t be looking for anything serious but will go crazy if I don’t get laid soon and regularly.

A few leads came out of it, and one that I was really interested in. We texted, exchanged photos, set a date to meet...and he had to reschedule due to kid stuff. He then had to reschedule again due to kid stuff and being too optimistic that the issue would be resolved by the second rescheduled date.

We reschedule again for a few days out, with full assurance that everything would work out. We continue to text—sexy, suggestive, somewhat explicit, but also getting into non-sexy, personal stuff. I was excited, he seemed excited, and the night before all seemed ok.


The next day, I text about an hour before we’re supposed to meet to see if we’re still on. No response. Against my better judgment (because I generally no longer get ready for a date if I don’t get confirmation), I get ready and go to where we’re supposed to meet. I wait 15 minutes (my without-other-notice grace period), and leave.


Why is it so damn hard to get laid around here? Why are boys so stupid? Why couldn’t he have just texted me back telling me it wasn’t going to happen? And what the hell changed in 24 hours?

I fucking hate dating.

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