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The Morally Superior Wedding Rant

Someone always does it. I don't know why it annoyed me more this time than any of the other hundreds of times I've seen it but OH MY GOD YOUR COURTHOUSE WEDDING IS NOT MORALLY SUPERIOR.

Yet another person over on I Thee Dread felt the need to get up on their sanctimony pony with their "Why can't we all just have courthouse weddings? People who want 'the perfect wedding' are self-absorbed. Down-to-earth people shouldn't be having huge fancy weddings blah blah blah" nonsense. STAHP.


Whatever wedding you have is the right wedding for your budget, family, traditions and personal wants and needs. Your wedding is YOUR wedding. What worked for you is what worked for you. Huzzah for that. But some folks don't want what you wanted. Some folks don't think your wedding would work for them. *shocker* I know.

I do not want a courthouse wedding. I do not want to elope. And that's ok! If I get married, I do not want to do it in a government building. A courthouse wedding, for me, would be incredibly depressing. It would feel like getting married at the DMV. I don't want to elope. I want my family and friends there with me.

I don't want a backyard bbq reception. The very last thing I want when I'm wearing a big white dress is to eat sticky nightmare finger food outdoors in the grass. I want to sit down indoors and eat with a knife and a fork. I don't want a restaurant reception. If I wanted to hang out with my friends at a restaurant, we'd just do that.

My older sister is getting married in the church where her fiancee's parents and grandparents got married. She's having her reception at a venue that is specifically set up just for weddings. She has a traditional satin wedding dress with a train and a veil. They are doing cute little things that will make their wedding their own (like having 10 sided dice in the centerpieces) but other than that, traditional white wedding all around.


Why is that so horrible and self-absorbed to some people? Who are these people who think that having a traditional wedding is the worst choice you can make for yourself, ever? Why do people think everyone who has a big wedding is going into debt to do it? (My sibling isn't since the families are helping-including me)

I mean, it's fine if you are excited and want to share about your awesome wedding. But don't get all high-horsey about how you "didn't need" a big white wedding to show your love. Don't get all Sanctimony Pony about how you didn't give into the Wedding Industrial Complex (you had a wedding, you contributed). Your love isn't better or more pure because you spent less on your wedding.


You did what was right for you and other folks do what's right for them. No one is better than anyone else in the wedding races.

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