Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The morning after (the caucus)

Y’all. I’m so exhausted. And not just because I stood in a middle school gymnasium for three hours, milling about and talking to strangers, last night (although, that’s a big part of it). I’m exhausted by well-meaning strangers pounding on my door and ringing my doorbell allllll day long (and most of the nights). I’m exhausted by the constant ads; ads that have already been constant for the last year and which will continue through Nov. Not to mention the constant phone calls, texts, and emails. I’m exhausted by the fucking Bernie Bros. papering over every surface on my college campus; you’re wasting time, money, paper, and you’re fucking ruining the paint that our poor custodians will have to fix, meaning you’re costing us money, assholes! Just set up a fucking table!! I’m exhausted by all the events I feel it’s my duty to attend, all the stump speeches I’ve listened to.

And to wake up to no results after rushing home, making and eating dinner as quickly as possible, walking in 18 degree weather to our caucus location, and again, standing for three hours, trying to get people excited for Warren, trying to win them over to our side and keep up the good energy. After months and months of all this bullshit....


I’m fucking exhausted.

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