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The Most Annoying Congestion Ever

Since last week I have had this weird congested feeling around my trachea. I've been to the Doctor and he says it is a viral infection and to take expectorant. It's having very little effect. I can feel the stuff sitting in there, but clearing my throat has no effect, and I am not really coughing at all either.

To top it off, I am feeling a sinus headache starting to form, but my nose is clear.

None of this is making any sense. This is not how respiratory tract infections work for me. I just want it to go away already.


And just to add to the fun, I can feel my Eustachian tubes filling up as I type this.

I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow after March Break, but I can tell by the way my throat feels that I will have no voice by noon tomorrow if I do. :P

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