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The most confusing thing about that Air Canada article...

The multiple comments criticizing the husband for his wife not taking his name — apparently that makes him "weak" or "whipped." Or indicates that their marriage is a "marriage of convenience." I'm not even mad, I'm just...confused. Is this still a thing people think, in public? Like, if you can't "get" your wife to take your name, you're not a "man?" Weird, guys. Weird.

At least one of the comments is somebody out for the trollin', but other seem to be expressing this seriously.


ETA, so as not to seem Pollyanna-ish — it's not so much that I'm naive about weird leftover sexist things, and I'm not surprised people would say these things to troll. I mean, plenty of people make idiotic and problematic rape jokes while still actually understanding that rape is a crime. My issue is...it seems some people seriously believe this is true. In 2013.

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