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Caramel corn and red wine. Plus Game of Thrones. Especially when Cersei is getting her due. GAWD she is the worst! Well... I mean, a lot of people in this show are the worst. Most people really. Anyway. Cersei = boo!

P.S. My cute puppy has been so wonderful today! My parents are visiting and they love her. She got so much attention! Now she is exhausted and sleeping while I watch GoT. Drunkenly, as is my wont. I promise I’m not an alcoholic; I just tend to post when I’ve been drinking. Because in general I am too cowardly to post anything ever. I am too afraid that people won’t like me!


Have y’all had a good Christmas? I have! My family visited and I cooked lots of good food. We’re mostly atheist/agnostic types, but presents and family time are fun. I guess my mom is a Christian... she did tell me that I would believe in God after I have a child, but that’s not happening so I guess I get to remain atheist forever. Anyway, it was still a fun Christmas! Very low-key, with food and booze and TV. And a cute puppy, which is obviously the most important part. And my mom didn’t even hassle me about being fat! Maybe I should offer to host every year. She seems less critical when I’m the one doing the cooking.

Happy holidays/winter solstice/December, GT! You guys are awesome and I’m glad to be part of this community. Thanks for making me feel like a halfway normal human. You’re the best. :)

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