I hate this time of year. I cannot wait until January 2.

Every commercial is all about friends and family and joyous togetherness. All my friends talk about being invited to X work party and Y's friends party. My sister and brother are pretty much focused on their kids. My friends are all married and it's all about their husbands.

It doesn't occur to any of these people to invite me along to things because they're already going with their families or their husbands. If we have a work party, I don't know about it.

It's a little odd to me how people keep saying to me - it must be so great being single! You should treat yourself to a you day! Bitches, all I have is me time. I'm alone like 90 percent of the time.

I don't want a spa day of me. Or a movie day of me. I want ... ok don't hate me. I want the Ya Ya Sisterhood of women friends who put their friends before their men. I want my family to think about the fact that no one gets me presents or sends me Valentine's Day cards. I want to feel like someone recognizes that I exist.


OK my little self pity party is over.