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The Most Important Olympics News

Let's be real. For all the hullabaloo around figure skating, the real stars of the Winter Olympics are the Norwegian curling team's pants, which made waves in 2010 for being totally fucking awesome. The team will be going to Sochi with all-new outfits this year, including the ones pictured here.

Some background on The Pants:

The tradition of the colorful pants began as an accident.

Svae was looking online for gear after a supplier shipped the wrong uniform to the team just weeks before pre-Olympic training. He found golf pants with a red, white and blue checkered pattern and ordered a set in his teammates' sizes. (Previously, the pattern was mostly purchased by fans of the University of Mississippi Rebels.)


Look at those dapper fellas. Don't you just want to make them into wallpaper or something? More on the gents' outfits, including fabulous descriptions of other getups ("grandmother-chic"), at the NYT.

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