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The most important question of my life, obviously

Do I use or sell a gift card?

My fiance got me a GC to a fancy spa in the city (he half-listened to my Christmas hint). Gift card! Yay! But OMG this place is so expensive. He gave me a very generous card, but this place has even more generously-priced services.

This place gives facials which is something I've always wanted to try. BUT I'd have to cough up another $30, taxes, and tip. Plus, I've never been so I don't know how 'snobby' they can be. (Possibility of snobbiness is quite high. Spa is in the 'rich area')


OR I can sell this card for ~65% of the value, take that money and go to the spa that I know I like BUT will still require me to cough up more cash, however, they don't do facials. So for a service I know and like, I'd have to cough up an additional $100, taxes but NO tip since this is a no-tip place.

I am weirdly conflicted.

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