Today was completely insane. I literally had no time to myself from 10:50 until 4 pm.

The worst part was after lunch. Two of my boys got into a fight by the classroom door. I tried to break them up, but one of the boys was really angry, and kept lunging at the other one. The other boy hung back, but was yelling obscenities at the first boy. Fortunately, one of the Special Ed teachers came down the hall, and took them off my hands.

However moments after he left, the student that I wrote about yesterday, who just had her meds adjusted, inexplicably decided to go running off down the hall after them. I called after her, but when she didn't stop, I started to bring the other kids into the room. Just then, another student who had been in the bathroom during the fight came back, and suddenly started running down the hall, hitting the kids in line. I tried to get the kids into the classroom and away from him, which was easier said than done, as a couple of them refused to come in. One girl was upset about something at recess, and was standing in a corner with her coat over her head, refusing to budge. Another boy was standing in the hall spinning around. But I get them to come in. And just as I do, the second boy who went off with the Special Ed teacher comes running down the hall with the girl chasing him.

They start running around the hall with the third boy. A VP shows up and takes them. To her credit she kept all four of them in her office with her for a good chunk of the afternoon.

Then last recess I kept some kids in for not listening. When recess was over I asked them to go out into the hall and wait for the art teacher. Most of them did, but one hung back, lay on the floor, held a chair over her head, and started yelling "I am going to kill myself!"

So while the rest of the kids went to art, I took the student to the VP's office. As soon as I walked up to her office, I could see she had my four in the room with her, and another kid sitting on a chair outside. So I just kept walking. I took her down to the main office. The Principal wasn't there, but the other (useless) VP was. I tell her what the girl said, and she tells me to go talk to the other VP because she has a meeting. I tell her that the other VP already has 4 kids in her office, but her only response is to tell me she will call the other VP on the PA and let her know I am coming.


I go upstairs, apologizing profusely. I tell her what the girl told me, and she tells me to go call the girl's mother and then talk to the girl to see if I can determine why she said it. I try to call her Mom but can't get an answer. I talk to the girl awhile, and then go back to the office.

The Principal and the Useless VP are sitting behind the desk when I come in. I hear the VP say "That's her" to the Principal. I approach the desk to talk to him, but as I step towards him, he says to me quickly "Sorry, I can't help you, I have a thing." And disappears into his office. I then approach the useless VP and tell what the other VP told me to do, and how I can't get through to Mom. Useless VP says to just send her home at the end of the day, and try to call Mom tonight. I tell her that the girl doesn't go home after school, and her sister Grade 3 picks her up and they go to a babysitter. VP says she will make sure her grade eight brother takes her to the babysitter. Only she doesn't. And in the end I have to arrange something else.

Finally got through to Mom, who did not really have anything enlightening to say about it all.


I am taking a mental health day tomorrow.