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As the good ladies and gents of GT may know, I am a crafter. I love the crafting! I knit and crochet, I cook, I glass etch, I do a little painting, I rehab furniture with spray paint- I’m a walking talking Pinterest board (ask me how you can add twigs to your wedding!) So of course I was stoked when my poor people tv (digital antenna baybee) started picking up the PBS Create channel. Literally just hours and hours of home improvement and painting, cooking and travel and arts and crafts. It was like they reached into my brain and custom built me a PBS station. It is great.

Except for Katie Brown. I find an unfathomable well of dislike for a woman I have never met. Her voice is the epitome of the “little girl stuck in an adult” and her ‘recipes’ are often so basic- like freshman year home ec classes and her home decorating tips are some deconstructed Holly Hobby bullshit and I cannot stand her.


BoyHeathen went on a rant (like an actual, tv quality, sounded scripted, hardcore rant) about people who leave things in places they aren’t supposed to be in the grocery store (like you pick up a can of tomatoes, but then in the cereal aisle decide you don’t need those tomatoes and then leave them next to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch)

So if you have hate in your heart- let it out. Here’s the place to purge all those negative feelings about the most inconsequential, random things possible.

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