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The Most Ridiculous Comment In the Entire Mainpage Shitstorm

TW: This will piss you off unless you decide to just laugh at it like I am.

...is this one:

"The fact that they do a lot of arm chair psychology is because, for the most part, they're all mentally ill over there. Think about the general threads over there. The inability to hold jobs, the inability to make and maintain healthy relationships, all of them seem to live in squalor and are unable to clean their spaces, having Internet strangers become responsible for your basic needs like food or shelter."

Well, then. So many problems. So, so many problems. It helps if you think about this as being on the same level as "Make your own house!" or "Do you even pubmed?" or "Are you some kind of genius because you hate marshmallows?" Just rampant stupidity/absurdity. Trust me. It really helps when you think about it like that.

ETA: Just want to make sure everyone sees this gem courtesy of Bingo, Carlos:

"I want to type a response but rats and cockroaches keep running over my dirty cheeto-stained keyboard."


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