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Because, really, if we can't comfort ourselves by piling on those who aren't around to present a counter argument, what are we even here for?

I will start us off:

This morning, my fiance and I were driving in pretty cramped slow moving traffic. On a 3 lane road, we had cars on all sides. My fiance thought the guy ahead of us and to our right lane was crossing over the lane border too much and so he honked his horn.


I asked, "why would you do that? No one is going to know who honked or why. The guy ahead of you is just going to think you're honking at him to speed up."

My fiance maintains that he made a difference in the world and made the road safer for everyone. Necessary extra background: My guy has terrible road rage and he's agreed several times to try to control it when we're riding together. He almost got his ass kicked recently when he ticked off some HUGE guy (by screaming and pointing after the guy cut him off) enough that the guy got out of his car at a red light and came to throw down.

Possible responses include all variations of "Holy $^&*, I can't believe how right you are in this matter" OR "Wow, that other person was the opposite of how right you were!"

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