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Welcome To The Bitchery

At least according to this article on Vox. The only difference is that people actually pay money to have a professional administer these. The article explains the history behind this test, and how it was never reliable to begin with.


I've never consistently gotten the same type on these, in a large part because I fall right in the very middle between extrovert and introvert, because I interpret the questions in different ways depending on how I feel, and because I answer the questions whimsically based on which recent experiences I can remember. So understandably, I've had doubts about these for quite some time. Nevertheless, companies and government agencies love stuff like this to "improve" the morale of skilled workers — why give them actual autonomy, respect or holiday time when a cheap test and useless changes based on their assigned type will do the trick for less?

At least astrology was more fun. Even though I'm more like a Virgo than my actual sign.

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