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The Mystery of the Missing Bedbugs (kind of gross pictures)

Spacer picture in case no one wants to see my bug bite... things.


So, I mentioned in one of my posts that we have bedbugs (on top of everything else that was going down). My evidence for the bedbugs was that I've been getting really weird huge swollen itchy bumps on a fairly regular basis, and there looked like there were tiny spots of blood on my sheets that sure didn't come from me or my cat. This is a picture I snapped of the first ones I got:

Illustration for article titled The Mystery of the Missing Bedbugs (kind of gross pictures)

(sorry that this is literally giant, I can't be bothered to resize)

The ones I've gotten more recently are not as dark colored, but are just as big and itchy. They are very often perfectly round. There does not appear to be a bite, but it's so swollen it's hard to tell.

So we called the apartment manager and they called someone to come spray for bedbugs. We bagged up practically all our belongings (that was fun) and I left the apartment with my cat and dog for the day.
They called us back today to let us know that...
wait for it...
There was absolutely no evidence of bedbugs.


So if we don't have bedbugs, wth is wrong with me? I'm very bemused, although not very worried. It's an inconvenience (mostly 'cause itchy af), but as long as I don't get any of those marks on my face I can deal.

Something weird is going on here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(they did spray anyway, just in case.)

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