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The myths of Millenials being lazy

The Guardian is running a series on Generation Y and the shitty hand we have been treated.

One thing that seems that a lot of baby boomer commenters seem to like to comment on. That we as a generation are lazy and waste their money on stupid gadgets. I’d like to address this:

Gadgets and technology are cheaper today than they have ever been, even cutting edge stuff.

  • In 1970 a colour tv with remote ran you $640+, which when you factor in inflation is about $2200+ in today’s money.
  • In 1973 a portable tape player was $44.50 ($252 with inflation)
  • In 1986 a campcorder was $699.99 ($1500)
  • In 1988 a boom box was $288.88 ($580ish).

So how is spending a lot on tech a millenial problem?

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