After participating in my first FUCK IT FRIDAY, I decided that before drinking my sorrows away I would try painting my nails so I could flip off my broken back in style. Fresh from Llarowe and my mail box, I turned to Picture Polish Frosting. It is adorable. Guaranteed to undermine the fury of your middle finger!

Then I went over to the new house and was able to help my husband and brother in law prime the entryway and one of the bedrooms before my back pain made me leave. It was only a room and a half-ish, but I helped! Now I can stop feeling so guilty and wait for the Tylenol to make its way through my liver then toast to successfully flipping off my disability. :)

This primer is a beast to get off skin, so here, have a picture of my Kilz-splattered nails and hands to prove I got shit done!