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The Next Two Hours Are Fired

I went to Whole Foods today to pick up lunch. Inspired by Cute Boy Person, I looked through the miniature cakes, cupcakes, and cookies by the company that made the dairy-free brownie bites that I had last week. I found mini-chocolate bundt cakes with no dairy. I got them and some cheap deli sushi.

The checkout guy didn't tape the sushi package together. The bottom slipped out from between the lid and the cakes, then landed upside down on my porch. No more sushi, plus now there's fish oil on my porch that I need to clean off. As a consolation, after I ate leftovers, I had two of the mini-bundt cakes.


The cakes say that they are manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, but I am only allergic to macadamia nuts so that's usually not a problem. Well, this one apparently processes macadamia nuts. Now my throat is swollen, I'm dizzy, my muscles are weak, and my blood pressure is low.

I've taken 2 benadryl, a chlorpheniramine, and 2 shots of my steroid inhaler, held in my mouth and throat.

However, Cute Boy Person is back in town and will probably arrive in about 2 hours, at which point my day will become unfired. Until then, I'm going to bed.

Send gifs.



UGH. He wants to stay at his place tonight so now I have to pack a bag. There will be much flopping afterwards. Perhaps even some forehead stapling.

ETA2: The swelling has gone down. I took even more antihistamines. CBP is on his way.

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