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The "Nicest" of Nice Guys is Back! (ETA: Missed the last sentence of his message)

And he added a picture!

This is LemonadeLover, reporting to you from a windowless law office during her lunch. I have received a second contact from the Nicest of "Nice Guys" on OK Cupid!

Well, I'm still interested in you. Because I really can only date geeky women. I figured adding a pic would help.

[ETA] Let me know if you're interested at all.

No, adding a pic will not help. It might have helped, if you didn't call women who want to see a picture "dumb cunts" in your profile. (By the way, I checked — it still says that! The only thing he changed was adding a picture!)


This message leaves me feeling uncomfortable, too. It's not "I'm interested in you because _____", which is a legit way to start off... It feels more like "Well, you're the only option that happens to fulfill my requirements. So... I guess you?" Maybe I'm already biased because of his profile, but it definitely sets me off the wrong way.

Because people are going to ask, he isn't bad looking. Very average, blondish, definitely looks to be a larger guy but not a huge guy. He's got a baby-face, for someone who is 27. (I have a baby face too — that isn't meant to be a judgment). (ETA: This is not meant to be fat-shaming. His size has no effect on whether I would date or talk to him — it is all his attitude.) He's wearing a suit and a boutonniere, so it looks like a groomsman photo. By the way, we're a 44% match.



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