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The no good, very bad Tuesday

Ugh. Today.

I called the auto body shop to see how much it would cost to fix my car, and it is about $3000.00! I was like, what? Insurance said I only had to pay $1000.00! So I called insurance. They said I only had to pay about $2000.00, so still, this is screwed up (but to be fair, I suppose everyone has to do their job and get paid). Ugh.

Then the ongoing fucking depression set in. I tried to pull myself out of it by taking a nap, and ended up sleeping through class. Lucky for me, my professor is really understanding and gave me the notes. That's a silver lining, I suppose.


But the worst is that I have zero energy, and really easy things-like folding my laundry and watching two scenes from a movie I have to write about-seem impossible. That's depression for ya. Even my meds aren't working, so I am waiting to see if my doctor can get me in sooner so we can sort this out.

The only thing picking up my spirits are my Magic Sparkle Slippers, which I bought for graduation and have to practice walking in anyways. Some how, when I wear them, I feel a bit better.

So trying to stay positive, because that's the only thing I gotta do.

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